Lucie Moses
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CNET is one of the oldest pilar of the internet. I worked there at a time when browsers were being re-invented every months. As the design lead of the R&D team, I got to work directly with teams at Netscape and Microsoft, getting sneak previews of their upcoming browsers so that CNET could showcase the new functionality as soon as the new browsers launched. I was also the art director of, for which I experimented with nifty activex elements.

One of my first assignement in 1996 was designing the CNET store. The idea of anyone buying anything online sounded ludicrous at the time. I did some research and found out about a website,, where they sold books via the internet. What a concept! I used their shopping cart model as a guide for the interface of the CNET store. For the products, I hand-drew illustrations.

Role: Design Lead for R&D team, Designer
Date: 1996 - 97

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